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  • Createurs de Monoi

    Get to know the traditional beauty elixir from Tahiti with the legendary flower oil Monoi de Tahiti. 

  • The Brazilian Original

    Enjoy the benefits of the original hair care with murumuru butter, the beauty wonder from Brazil. 

  • Precious Argan

    Precious argan oil of Moroccan origin is a golden elixir of beauty, youth and brilliance.

  • Luxurious Coconut

    The Luxurious Coconut range works with the multi-power of pure coconut ingredients, making your hair shine with beauty and vitality.

  • Shields of Glory

    The Shields of Glory products unite the newest technological approaches in the field of cosmetic with the most effective plant extracts, praised in myths and legends.

  • Beauty & Chic

    The Beauty & Chic® line inhabits the most recent developemnts in skin and hair care.