Shields of Glory

The Shields of Glory products unite the newest technological approaches in the field of cosmetic with the most effective plant extracts, praised in myths and legends. The treasures of nature – the precious saffron, the mystical ice algae, the soothing marigold or the rich plant oils nurture and offer the gift of a glowing and healthy look. Each remarkable Shields of Glory formulation contains a selected plant, which survived for thousands of years – and today it protects your beauty with its powers.

  • Shields of Glory RICH PROTECTION

    RICH PROTECTION Luxurious Face Cream

    The Rich Protection incredibly nurturing face cream with plant stem cells of a remarkably resilient and rare plant Saponaria Pumila, which protects, vitalises and redefines the skin structure. The combination of well-known plant treasures, such as an extract of chamomile, marigold, aloe, Echinacea and rosemary with the selection of plant oils and butters is a true gift to the normal to very dry skin type. The luxurious butter texture absorbs well into the skin and it can be used as night or day cream. For remarkable smoothness of the skin and firmness you can notice.
  • Shields of Glory MYSTICAL POWER

    MYSTICAL POWER Face Cream for Men

    The Mystical Power cream for men and its light texture and the extract of the unique ice algae maintains a wholesome care for the male skin – accelerated renewal of the skin, deep moisturising and effective protection. The ice algae strengthen the cell mechanisms in the skin, protect and maintain a youthful skin by activating the synthesis of the Klotho protein, which is decreased by age. A combination of the traditionally effective plant extracts maintains a soothing and firming effect. The cream texture is absorbed immediately after applying and it can be used as night or day cream.
  • Shields of Glory GOLD OF PLEASURE

    GOLD OF PLEASURE Luxurious Shower Oil

    Step into the golden luxury of the Gold of Pleasure shower oil and add water to transform to thick foam with remarkably smooth texture. It gently cleans, velvety pampers and envelopes the skin in the precious essence of the enticing mythical fragrance. Enjoy in the pleasures of a royal treatment with selected nurturing oils and invigorating plant extracts.
  • Shields od Glory HYDRO DELIGHT

    HYDRO DELIGHT Ultra Moisturising Face Cream

    The incredibly moisturising Hydro Delight beauty face cream gives a perfect pleasure of moisturising with the magnificent and precious saffron, encouraging the renewal of skin and texture and brings out a fresh and glowing look. A formulation with added excellent natural moisturising ingredients and hyaluronic acid offers a perfect pleasure of moisturising and protects your skin form harmful environmental factors without any compromises. The light and creamy texture absorbs well into the skin, acts as an excellent foundation for your make-up and it can be used as night and day cream for all skin types.