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Skin care

Skin is somewhat like a mirror that reflects all external influences while also being a reflection of the internal self. You need to remember that skin is a thermostat and filter that restrains harmful rays and substances, a cushion that parries blows, abrasions and injuries and a "collector" for water, fat and nutritional substances. That is why we devote particular attention to it, because by doing so we contribute to its health. Polluted air, incorrect diet, mental pressure - all these are the reasons why our skin becomes increasingly sensitive and its natural balance is destroyed. Therefore, we must take care of our skin and offer it at least basic care, clean, feed and protect it and balance its natural action.

Our facial care line is intended for all skin types. The products contain vitamins, plant and fruit extracts, UV filters and moisturising substances that add to the proper functioning of skin, help retain its natural moisture and protect and nurture it. All ingredients are carefully chosen, many of them having a bio certificate.